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Content Marketing is marketing for real life. Customers have problems and I help  solve them by providing quality content.
It's a conversation that is based on knowledge and trust. It's not invasive but instead it's helpful entertaining and delightful information that people actually want. Read on if you like the way that sounds.


Content Marketing

Content Marketing for small businesses is effective but tough to manage.  That's what I specialize in. I manage all content assets and analyze the campaign  results to prove your return on investment 
is substantial.
Content components like E-mail marketing,  Photography, and Video all work together in your marketing funnel to connect with your best clients (personas) creating awareness solving their problem and converting them into customers.
Content Funnel

Video marketing

Video is changing the scope of business. This makes Video Content 
an integral part of the buyers journey. Video content marketing accounts for about half of your marketing plan due to it's ability to connect with buyers and ultimately close sales.
Grants Pass Restaurant

  Branded Photography

Your images greatly benefit when  branded  or styled according to your business image. This picture is of a restaurant known for its wildlife setting along a river with a cabin like atmosphere. The brand image is  relevant to the restaurant and recognizable to the area it is in. This works well with your SEO optimization to drive traffic and ultimately increase revenue.

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