My Story

Jenell Webber

Jenell Webber Media
Hi I 'm Jenell! Chief everything officer of Jenell Webber Media.
Having been in an executive role in the media industry for many years I was in the disruptive advertising business. I knew I needed to make a change when all I wanted to do was make the content for marketing instead of selling it.
When I was in radio sales I just wanted to write the copy and was thrilled when I was able to write a few that actually made it to air without changes. I wanted to create content. I was the annoying executive in a TV advertising  sales
role that would recommend that the client have the spot reworked because it never seemed good enough.
But that is my secret. -Don't tell.
I was also raised by a serial  entrepreneur.  She still inspires me.  I have had the pleasure
of working for million dollar corporations and small businesses that just opened their doors.  So the question is:  How can I help you?

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