Seven benefits of Brand Photography that will put you in growth mode.

The biggest benefit  of Brand Photography is that it personalizes your brand to build the know like and trust
factor that every business needs to have in order to be successful.
But before I go on, let me explain what Brand Photography is.  Brand Photography is way more than your logo or the colors of your website. Both of those things are a part of your brand but personal brand images reach
beyond just that basic information.
Brand Photography encompasses the who what why and how of your business.
Your portrait, products, personality, passion,  purpose and  place  work harmoniously to capture your true brand.

There are many benefits to using Brand Photography to grow your business.
Here are my top seven

1.It speeds up digital processes (Ex: Click here with a colored  box gets better results than click on this link)

2.Seeing a picture that contains a face results in an emotional  connection.

3. Branded Photos  help people remember you, which sets you apart from the competition.

4.  Images increases your search engine results. Google rewards good content and fresh content.

5.It personalizes your work, making It  easier to engage with you.

6.It's a known fact that your brain processes images 4 times faster than text. 

7.It creates content for a long period of time  for social media posting.

Bonus: It  increase leads.

Photographic images are the language of the internet. But before we can talk we need to learn the language.
I mean that literally. When we are babies, we first associate pictures with words, and that is why we still gravitate towards pictures. We are wired that way.

Who is it for ?
Its for businesses and solo entrepreneurs that sell a product.
If you are just starting your business or re-launching or in growth phase,  Brand Photography can work for you.

How does it work?
It starts with a conversation then moves into a brand questionnaire that requires your personal
Feedback .  That leads to a  discussion about the path we will take. And finally, I present you with the details of the plan. and then the magic starts. I will provide the directions for the shoot in the plan, but you can expect to
have two dedicated session times to shoot and at least three different wardrobe changes.

What's included:
30 branded images for you to use across the web. Additional photos are available for a fee.
Some of the images will be for your website and some are dedicated for social media use.
The images are delivered to you via a  secured access site.
The photos are in HD so they can be blown up to use for pictures or print or both.

Brand photography allows you to not only get ahead in your business, but to share the joy of what you do.
Contact me to find out more.  Jenell Webber Media. 


Three Evergreen topic ideas  to use for social media

Jenell Webber Media Blog
Business managers and sales people are seeking information on how to get more leads quickly to attain financial objectives but don’t know where to start. I have good news. You just started answering your own question right here and now when you began reading this blog. I am going to give you three content topics to post on social media that are evergreen that you should implement right away to get more leads and ultimately conversions.
Evergreen content works so well because you can use this type of content all year long. So once you have made the content store it in an accessible place where you can post it again in a few months from your original post.  It’s important to recognize that people respond more to content that is emotional relevant and vibrant so keep that in mind as you read on.
These content concepts are very general but should be kept to your brand image when you post them. For example, if you are a DJ business you are not going to post with the image of a bright pink rose that does not speak to your brand, unless that is your brand image.
OK let’s get started boosting your web site traffic building, and achieving sales conversions with simple content marketing topics.
People content:
Never overlook the importance of human connection to your products. Your audience wants to get to know you on a personal level. So introduce your whole staff on social media. Start at the top with the manager or owner and talk about what each person does and what they love about their job. Facebook works well for this type of content. Make a portrait video with some short text on each photo. You can do this with Adobe spark for free. Tip: subtly place in the video your name or logo in the back ground or on clothing. Video is proven to be the most engaging type of content.
Place content:
If you are showing the outside of your business that is a good start but not as relateable as showing the inside. Let people see where the magic really happens. Give your audience a tour of a few work areas or the whole building. Highlight the common areas and remember that you are talking to potential buyers so speak to the advantage that this area offers them. You will get the most engagement when you have prepared a script for the video. This also works even when it is a small area. In fact I often work outside of my home office and show the area that I am working from that day. I found the engagement to be the highest when I put a styled photo of my desk.
Personality content:
This is the place to get creative. Tell your audience why they should care about what you do and how you are making a positive change to people by doing it.  Use at least two people for this content. It adds interest to see more faces in a piece of content. This is the time to share your community involvement. For example, share how your team is excited to be part of the 5k run for cancer. Give them a boost by providing a link to the event with their page listed. Another angle that works well is to thank your customers for doing business with you.  Celebrate your first year of business like it was your twentieth and it is likely to happen.

Bonus content- Here is how to sell your products and services on social networks and get results. Read on
Product content:
Social media is about offering valuable content that is helpful, entertaining, or funny. It’s not about sharing every product that you have with a price tag attached to it. It doesn’t work. What does work is posting this type of content on your web site, in your webinars and of course your sales presentations.  Surprising right? The best way to sell a product is to show a picture of the product inviting the audience to a webinar or presentation to learn more about it. Provide a well designed graphic and just enough detail about the product or service to entice people to sign up to gain the information. The caveat is that you can show this content piece many times over about a week on all social media networks. Bonus if this offer includes a picture of the same person that was previously introduced in the People part of your content story.
Written by Jenell Webber 
CEO Jenell Webber Media. All rights reserved.

Content marketing. What it is and how to make it work for you.

Everyone is buzzing about content marketing. It's become one of the best things you can do to set up your business for success. It's been stated that content marketing is rapidly growing by 10 percent each year. So It's understandable when the term gets over used in the marketing industry.
The term has taken on a plethora of definitions. So Let me start by saying what Content marketing isn't. It isn't a blog or a single video that's been published once or twice in a few different  places around the web. That is certainly a solid start of a content marketing plan, but it's just that. The beginning stage.
It's not what is needed to see the benefits of future growth.
So what exactly is Content marketing?
Content marketing is a culmination of visual assets that speak to a specific set of individuals to  attract build, convert, and engage in a conversation. The visual resources used are uniquely thought out to inform, entertain, help, and inspire the end user.
How can it work for you?
Content marketing works well when it is a planned strategy. Honestly, I could not achieve it without using a documented plan for all of the visual assets required to publish test and analyze. That is the answer to the question of how it works for you.  you need a well planned high quality strategy. It doesn't happen over night.  But the process all starts with a conversation. It's a conversation about your customers  behaviors, lifestyle, and of course their problems. 
So let's get started solving them together. 
Jenell Webber